SHR # 1455 :: Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio: In Search of the Perfect Human Conditions PLUS Jail House Strong and Built to the Hilt ::

Super Human Radio Show # 1450 with Ken O'Neill, Dr. Lane Sebring and Josh Bryant

Guest: Ken O'Neill - Dr. Lane Sebring - Josh Bryant

Dr. Sebring joins O’Neill and Lanore for this episode of TEFR. A true forerunner of the paleo and ancestral movements, Dr. Sebring discusses his type of medicine and how the discussion must be broader than just nutrition. Lanore and O’Neill discuss the evidence that a new renaissance is underway and we are the benefactors of it. PLUS Bryant writes for most of the top fitness and bodybuilding outlets and trains some top strength athletes. His two new books offer something for everyone. The conversation takes some really interesting turns.

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