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SHR # 1454 :: Beyond Diet: The Perfect Health Lifestyle - Early Life Stress Can Leave Lasting Impacts on the Brain - How Does Colostrum Improve Performance ::

a healthy family

Guest: Paul Jaminet - Dr. Jamie Hanson - Mark Burton

Jaminet has been on a mission since discovering the contributors to his own health issues. Diet plays a large role in diseases of modernity. But diet is not the sole player. He discusses his upcoming retreat that’s designed to empower people with a complete lifestyle approach to health and longevity. PLUS The brain depends upon stimuli to help it form. Early stress in a child’s life can impact this process negatively. Dr. Hanson discusses what he and his colleagues discovered that can lead to future behavioral challenges. Also of interest is what can be done and the window of time to do it in. PLUS Are you still on the fence about Colostrum? This interview with Burton may be the one to push you off the fence. Colostrum is the perfect food for health and performance. We discuss why.

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