SHR # 1453 :: The BluePrint Power Hour - Changing the Discussion About Purified Water - Strength Training for Adolescents Reduces Cardio-metabolic Risk Factors ::

Super Human Radio Show # 1453 with Coach Rob Regish, Asaiah Passwater and Dr. Paul Gordon

Guest: Rob Regish - Asaiah Passwater - Dr. Paul Gordon

Regish answers listener questions about training, diet and supplements. PLUS Asaiah Passwater explains the real dangers in our water. Even bottled. And that filter you just bought may be hiding the truth, that it doesn’t get out the worst offenders! PLUS More evidence that “Muscle is Metabolic Currency”. And this message is not wasted on children! Dr. Gordon’s research shows that the lack of strength is predictor for early development of metabolic diseases in adolescents.

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