SHR # 1451 :: CASUAL FRIDAY ::

Carl and Alisa

Co-host: The Lovely and Talented Alisa Profumo

Lolo Wants Her Booty Back – Be Like Sanya Richards and Work Around Injury – Mea Culpa: Vegan Blogger Does The Right Thing – Genetically Produced Cheese for Vegans – Eating Super Human on a Budget – US Government: Trust Me… GMO is Safe – Did We Really Need a Study to Tell Us Organic is Better – Alisa’s Herb Garden: Maca - What a Sad Statement… July is Juvenile Arthritis Month – FDA Recall: You May Have to Bring That Tattoo Back – The Secret Life of Blueberries – Carl Feels Vindicated by New Research on Alcohol – BBC Article Supports SHR Message: Super Humans Age Better – FAST Diet Author Recants: Fat is Actually Good For You – Plus More and Listener Questions and Comments

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