SHR # 1449 :: Blood Donations Helps Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease in Shift Workers - The 2014 ISSN Conference and Exciting Upcoming Research - A Healthy Bottom Line: Obese Children, a Pacified Public, and Corporate Legitimacy ::

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Guest: Dr. Margit Egg - Dr. Douglas Kalman - Prof. Ivy Ken

Dr. Egg details some of the metabolic changes that occur from circadian disruption as well as a separate pathway of hypoxia and then looks at hemodynamic changes due to red blood cell accumulation. What she found is especially important to airline pilots as they suffer from both of these phenomenon! PLUS Dr. Kalman gives us the short list of supplements that showed real possibility and excitement at the recent International Society of Sports Nutrition 2014 conference. PLUS More evidence that profits come before health. Two organizations are cited in Professor Ken’s paper that do more to placate the public than truly effects food policy that can help our current childhood obesity epidemic.

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