SHR # 1441 :: Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio: The Purposeful Primitive - Carnitine Therapy To Reverse Metabolic Syndrome ::

SHR Show # 1441 - The Purposely Primitive PLUS Carnitine

Guest: Ken O'Neill - Marty Gallagher - Dr. Amer Johri

Gallagher joins Ken and I on this episode to talk about his new book The Purposeful Primitive. There is a renaissance in fitness. A return to the things that the fathers of Physical Culture all knew to be true. The incorporation of the mind as part of the whole-body premise is part of it. We discuss “accidental zen” that can occur in the gym for some of us. This was a fun interview. PLUS Could a simple amino acid like Carnitine hold promise in reversing many of the conditions associated with Metabolic Syndrome? Dr. Johri agrees that while more research needs to be done, the evidence holds promise. From cardiovascular risks to insulin resistance to blood pressure and even obesity, Carnitine appears to have a beneficial effect on all of these. Listen and learn.

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