SHR # 1438 :: Oxytocin Helps Old Muscle Work Like New - The Molecular Secret of Short, Intense Workouts ::


Guest: Dr. Irina Conboy - Dr. Wendy Cousins - Dr. Michael Conkright - Dr. Nelson Bruno

As we age muscles degrade. Their ability to repair and respond to the growth message of a workout begins to fail. Many are looking to myostatin inhibition to help reverse this condition. Dr. Conboy and Dr. Cousins have found an unlikely alternative – Oxytocin. The hormone normally attributed with happiness, love, joy and feelings of good nature can actually make old muscles young again! PLUS What is it about short, intense workouts that makes muscles respond so well? Dr. Conkright and Dr. Bruno have discovered a protein that may answer that question. Closely associated to Sympathetic Nervous System activation, this protein causes a super-uptake of fiber-bulging glycogen as well as triglycerides into muscle fibers while shutting down catabolism. The end result is what we all strive for in the gym – bigger stronger muscles.

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