SHR # 1437 :: CASUAL FRIDAY ::

Carl and Alisa

Co-Host: The Lovely And Talented Alisa Profumo

Is there anything Apple Cider Vinegar isn’t good for – NY ban on big sodas fizzles – Growing rate of male pattern baldness in post-menopausal women – Super Humans in the kitchen – The Onion spoofs Margaret Hamburg – Alisa’s Herb Garden: Astragalus – Are the plants you’re buying to help the bees actually hurting them – Study confirms link between autism and pesticides – Diabetes out of control in the USA – 5 diseases that respond better to cannabis than pharmaceutical drugs – The truth about multivitamins – EWG got this one wrong: Vitamin fortified cereals – Clearing up the confusion about Non-GMO and Organic – Super Humans are recruited to join Carl and Alisa in “Move After A Meal To Cure Diabetes” – Breast cancer in men on the rise – Plus more and listener questions and comments

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