SHR # 1436 :: Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio: Next Medicine with Dr. Walter Bortz - Everyday Paleo: Thai Cuisine - Living Life Aggressively ::

Everyday Paleo: Thai Cuisine by sarah Fragoso

Guest: Ken O'Neill - Dr. Walter Bortz - Sarah Fragoso - Mike Mahler

This episode of TEFR had some ghosts. We had some issues with Ken O’Neill’s mic. Dr. Bortz discusses his new book Next Medicine which details the realities that aging and disease are mutually exclusive of each other. The phenomenon of “age related disease” is a very new. We cover many topics within the scope of this discussion. PLUS Fragoso has done an amazing job at reducing healthy food preparation and eating to its simplest steps. Her new cookbook lives up to that mission as she makes Tai food fun to prepare and healthy to eat. PLUS Mahler and I discuss the concept of living life aggressively as well as how outward signs of masculinity are becoming less popular in today’s culture.

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