SHR # 1435 :: The Truth About Testosterone Deficiency, Cardiac Health, and Older Men - The Ultimate Supplement Stacks for Burning Fat, Building Muscle and More ::

man with testosterone deficiency

Guest: Dr. Geoff Hackett - Kamal Patel

The recent two studies that have launched an army of bottom-feeding class action law firms to demonize Testosterone therapy in men has made many rethink the safety of their HRT. Dr. Hackett and colleagues did a review of available research as well as produced several studies of their own in an effort to bring good science back into the discussion. So is Testosterone safe? Does it help older men? Does it cause heart disease? These and other questions are answered. Dr. Hackett also discusses the numerous errors and poor interpretation of the two studies that made so many people abandon their Testosterone. PLUS What if a company, who wasn’t in the business of selling supplements, looked at all the available science to determine which OTC supplements had a synergistic effect in helping you reach your goals of building muscle, sleeping better, burning fat, improved cognition, reversing diabetes, and much more. Wouldn’t that be great? Well it’s here. Patel discusses’s new guide on how to combine OTC supplements to develop your own stacks that work.

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