SHR # 1431 :: Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio: Around The Intelligent Universe With Randy Roach - Circadian Disorganization Alters Intestinal Microbiota ::

Randy Roach on Tran-Evolutionary Fitness Show and Dr. Robin Voigt on SHR

Guest: Ken O'Neill - Randy Roach - Dr. Robin Voigt

On this episode of Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio Randy Roach joins us as we bounce around the Intelligent Universe. Among other things, we discuss some of the work done on mapping the human consciousness and its effects on strength and performance. This also feeds into a brief discussion about how many of the fathers of Physical Culture knew about the importance on including the mind in the process of achieving peak physical performance and health but it was lost in the transition to modern Bodybuilding. PLUS Dr. Voight and colleagues looked at mice who had their circadian rhythms disrupted much in the same way humans who travel or change their scheduled sleep patterns on the weekends do to see if it influenced the microbiome towards an pro-inflammatory state. Also reviewed is when you combine sleep-pattern disruption with a high sugar diet.

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