SHR # 1428 :: Manual Therapies As An Aid To Building More Muscle Mass - Eating Environment & Food Behavior ::

manual muscle therapy

Guest: Dr. Craig Banks - Jimmy Bluff - Dr. Charles Spence

Many would pay hundreds of dollars for a supplement that would allow them to improve strength dramatically or explode muscle size. One of the best kept secrets among top level and elite athletes is that annual Manipulation does this with predictable outcomes. Dr. Banks and Bluff have quantitative expertise with helping athletes increase muscle size and strength. PLUS Would you ever believe that the color of a box or shape of what’s in it could influence how sweet it tastes? How about the color of a plate or if the food on it is arranged to mimic a famous piece of art, that it could subliminally make the food to taste a certain way… even if it really doesn’t? Well Dr. Spence and his associates at Oxford University are going to change the way restaurants and food manufacturers use plates and packaging to influence flavor and eating experience. And this goes way beyond presentation! (Image License)

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