SHR # 1427 :: Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio: Burke's Law - The Sports Gene: Inside the Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance ::

Trans-Evolution Fitness Radio Show with Paul Burke PLUS The Sports Gene by David Epstein

Guest: Ken O'Neill - Paul Burke - David Epstein

On this episode of Trans-Evolutionary Fitness we are joined by Paul Burke. Burke trained in the hey-day of bodybuilding but learned later in life that focusing on the techniques of building bigger stronger muscles without balancing the mindfulness and meditative techniques discussed on the show may actually negate the health and longevity benefits of intense training. Listen to his journey first hand. PLUS Epstein is a senior writer for Sports Illustrated magazine and a former collegiate athlete. He sought out to answer the question of nature versus nurture. Are athletes of superior caliber born or made of hard work and dedication? It’s not as cut and dry as we think. Listen and learn. At the end of the interview we digress slightly to discuss the current nature of performance enhancing drugs in sports.

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