SHR # 1426 :: Practical Application: Synergistic Effects of Resistance Training and Protein Intake - Metformin and Lifespan-Enhancing Biochemical Pathways ::

Resistance Training

Guest: Dr. Jason Cholewa - Dr. Wouter De Haes

While this may appear to be a subject that only hard training individuals can benefit from on the surface its actually important for average individuals as well. Most very-active people don’t get enough protein. Especially endurance trainers. Dr. Cholewa’s group looked at all the available literature to determine the ideal synergistic effects of resistance training, protein sources and protein timing. PLUS Glucose signaling has been linked to cellular senescence. Dr. De Haes and his group looked at the effects of Metformin on C. Elegans worms to identify the pathway that it extends their little lives but upwards of 30%. What they discovered continues to support the importance of mitochondrial function and underscores the fact that we really don’t understand the importance of oxidative stress as well as we think we do.

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