SHR # 1424 :: CASUAL FRIDAY ::

Carl and Alisa

Co-Host: The Lovely And Talented Alisa Profumo

Guest: Dawn Blanken

If You’re Going To Say It Say It Right – Who Put Gum On The Treadmill - Bed Bath And Beyond Logic – Will FitBit Be The New Fashion Statement – Dawn Tries To Teach Us How To Do Affordable-Care-Act Math – Washington State Residents To Be Served A New Kind Of Coffee With A Kick – Dioxin Found In Higher Levels In Farm Raised Salmon - 4th Person To Die From Exposure To Mad Cow Disease In Texas – What’s With Expiration Dates: Trash It Or Eat It – Could Nestles Dwarf Monsanto As The Most Sinister Company – Monsanto Fail: Canada Says No To GM Alfalfa - Academy of Dietetics & Nutrition Says T2 Diabetics Need To Eat More Carbohydrates – Study Shows Fasting Improves Stem Cells Biogenesis And Immune System Function – Bees Have To Be Shipped To California – Plus More And Listener Questions And Comments

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