SHR # 1423 :: The Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio Show: An Interview With Frank Zane - Bioactive Foods and Ingredients for Health ::

3 Time Mr. Olympia Frank Zane

Guest: Ken O'Neill and Frank Zane - Dr. Connie Weaver

3 Time Mr. Olympia Frank Zane is no stranger to mindfulness and meditation. He has been practicing since he was 14 years old. We discuss how it affected his career as well as his life now. O’Neill and I cover many topics related to our journey as humans with this sage and thoughtful teacher. PLUS Dr. Weaver is asking Government to allow foods that have real and provable health to be promoted as such. Her lab is working on many of these. There is also a growing body of work in the area of compounds that may increase gut microbial diversity, improve endothelial function, improve cognitive function, reduce bone loss, and so forth. It’s time to allow these claims to be made.

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