SHR # 1418 :: Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio Show: Manthropology PLUS Western Disease: The Consequences of Lifestyle, Nutrition and Low Grade Chronic Systemic Inflammation In an Evolutionary Context ::

Trans-Evolution Fitness Radio Show

Guest: Ken O'Neill - Dr. Frits Muskiet

O’Neill delivers the fourth installment of the 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge. We also discuss the simplicity in mindfulness that eludes most. Then we turn to a term coined by Peter McAllister that speaks to the decline of Homo Sapiens development. We have spoken of this in the terms of Dysevolution in the past. It’s real and the anthropologic evidence shows this. PLUS Dr. Muskiet and colleagues did a review of all the available scientific papers and make a strong argument that almost all diseases of the day can be linked back to our mismatched lifestyle. While this is not a new topic for the show, it requires repeating as often as possible because the powers that be are leading people to think it has to do with genetics and it doesn’t. The 6 lifestyle hallmarks that lead to disease and poor quality of aging are discussed.

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