SHR # 1414 :: GRB10 Stimulates Fat Loss Through Thermogenesis PLUS SuppVersity 3 Part Series: Common Nutrient Deficiencies, Their Health Consequences and How You Can Fix Them Part 2 ::

Structure of the GRB10 protein

Guest: Dr. Meilian Liu - Adel Moussa

Dr. Liu’s group looked at a protein produced by the human body that alters the switches that conserve body fat and create new body fat. In rodents GRB10 shuts off the production of body fat while making White Adipose Tissue act like the fabled Brown Adipose Tissue by burning exclusively fatty acids as energy. What make this even more exciting is that the White Adipose Tissue consumes energy at a rate of 100 times greater than Brown Adipose Tissue! This may make GRB10 a boon for the Pharmaceutical fat-loss industry in the near future and make it the cutting peptide of choice for bodybuilders and athletes alike. PLUS Moussa delivers on this second installment. He first recaps a discussion about Cold Thermogenesis as this was a peripheral discussion with Dr. Liu. He then gives the recipe for a fat-burning stack that fits nicely into the nutrient deficiency discussion. From there we discuss the fat soluble vitamins that most are at risk of being deficient in, Their health effects and best ways to correct deficiencies.

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