SHR # 1413:: Which Blood Test Should Your Doctor Order For You ::

A blood test report

Guest: Dr. Matt Andry

I get emails from listener asking for this show all the time. The basic primer for which blood test to ask their physician for. Dr. Andry does an excellent job covering all of them in short order. Plus some that may make your physician have to go back and do a little homework to learn about. This show may be remedial for some but it can’t be discussed often enough. You must be the steward of your own health and knowing what to ask your doctor for is a first step.


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0 # Cody 2014-05-22 17:08
This was a really excellent episode. Every time Dr. Andry comes on the show, it's always guaranteed to be extremely informative and also lighthearted at the same time! You guys have a good dynamic on the air. Thanks for this show

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