SHR # 1410 :: Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio Show: Bending The Aging Curve PLUS Fearless Parents ::

SHR # 1410

Guest: Ken O'Neill - Louise Kuo Habakus

O’Neill adds a new opportunity for mindfulness to the 30 Day Challenge. The we discuss the book Bending The Aging Curve which looks at resistance exercise as a modality of resisting and even reversing age-related decline and frailty. PLUS Habakus founded the Fearless Parent organization out of necessity. Designed to give parents the information to take stands against coercion and fear-mongering that leads to uninformed decisions that affect their children’s health. She also co-authored the book Vaccine Epidemic which is designed to be a single source tool to provide information for informed consent about the pros and cons of modern day vaccines.

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0 # Oscar Petri 2014-05-17 12:28
The file is not SHR # 1410, but SHR # 1380 about acne. I hope the real file can be placed at last. Thanks in advance.

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