SHR # 1408 :: The BluePrint Power Hour PLUS Redox Signaling For Health And Performance ::

Rob Regish - The BluePrint Power Hour

Guest: Rob Regish - Alan Noble

Regish answers listener questions: Is Phenylpiracetam A Good Nootropic – More Turns Out To Be Better With Synthagen – Where Do I Begin With All The Special Reports – What Does 11-OXO Do – Am I Crazy Of Did Bodyweight Training Make Me Lose Weight – Give Me The Straight Info On Using EAA’s – Plus BP Tip Of The Day: A Tale Of Two Listeners PLUS Redox signaling is phenomenon that takes place in the human body. It has been understood to be one of the ways cells communicate with each other. Is there any magic to this? Can it help with athletic performance? And can it be the source of some diseases? This an much more are discussed.

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