SHR # 1406 :: CASUAL FRIDAY ::

Carl & Alisa

Co-Host: The Lovely And Talented Alisa Profumo

The SHR Website Got A Facelift – Shoutouts To Super Human’s – Food Coloring Isn’t Bad For Everyone - Kellogg’s Drops “All Natural” Label From Kashi Line – Could Soy Sauce Cure HIV – Vibram Five Fingers Haters Rejoice – Shape Magazine Rejects Brooke Birmingham’s After Photo – Can Grain Really Get Any Worst For You – Jimmy Kimmel Proves People Are Gluten Is Misunderstood – Subway’s New Ad Campaign: We Got The Yoga Mat Out Of Our Bread - EWG’s New Dirty Dozen And Clean Fifteen – Sports And Energy Drinks Get A Bad Teen Rating – New Drug Delivery Chip Ensures Grandpa Won’t Skip His Meds – USDA Fail: 9 Million Pounds Of Beef Not Fit For Human Consumption Makes It Onto People’s Dinner Plates – Vermont Prepares For Monsanto Assault – FDA Fail: Says High Blood Pressure Not Reversible So Take Your Meds – Plus More And Listener Comments And Questions

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