SHR # 1405 :: Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio Show: Are You Up For A Challenge PLUS Berberine Use For Athletic Performance And Health ::

Trans-Evolution Fitness Radio Show

Guest: Ken O'Neill - Dr. Karl Nadolsky

In this episode of the Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio Show O’Neill lays out an easy noetic strategy to take control of your mental destiny and invites the audience to take part in a 30 day challenge to employ these easy steps for just 30 days to see how different life can be when you tap into the greatest single resource you have.. your mind. Then we discuss the contributions that the book The Paleolithic Prescription made and how the Paleo movement has been very selective in what parts they have paid attention to and what parts they have chosen to ignore. PLUS Dr. Nadolsky discusses how to use Berberine for both athletic performance, weight loss and health.

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