SHR # 1391 :: Rapid Reset Of Circadian Misalignment Using Light Exposure PLUS Triclosan Promotes Staphylocaccus Nasal Colonization PLUS Real World Colostrum Supplementation Results ::

Guest: Dr. Daniel Forger - Dr. Sudeshna Ghosh - Mark Burton

Traveling across time zones causes people to suffer from lack of energy and poor cognitive performance. These issues are attributed to Jet-lag, a phenomenon caused by a de-synchronized circadian rhythm. Dr. Forger and colleagues developed a free app that will help anyone traveling across time zones or international date lines synchronize their circadian rhythm by giving specific instruction for the best time and duration of light exposure. This app can also be of great value even if you're not traveling to help you correct any misaligned circadian rhythm. PLUS Dr. Ghosh published a study showing that exposure to Triclosan, a popular and ubiquitous antimicrobial found in too many products to list, increases the colonization of a form of Staphylococcus that can lead to a variety of other issues including sinusitis. PLUS Super Human's report their results and experiences using PerCoBa Colostrum. Burton answer their questions and comments on-air.

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