SHR # 1388 :: Casual Friday ::

Carl and Alisa

Co-host: The Lovely And Talented Alisa Profumo

The Show That Almost Didn't Happen - Children Rebel Against School Lunchroom Slop - Childhood Obesity Radio Show Call-in - The Every-Other-Day Diet - Run Olga Run -12 Bizarre Examples Of Genetic Engineering - Blame It On The Cow Farts - Congressman Mike Pompeo Is An Outright Corrupt Shill For The GMO Movement - How Many More Studies Do We Need To Show Tamiflu Doesn't Work - Boulder Colorado The Fittest City In America Again - Top 10 Healthiest Counties And USA And UK Are Not Even Close - Another Reason Not To Eat Tilapia - Eli Lilly Knew Actos Caused Cancer: Fines Are Not Enough.. Someone Needs To Go To Jail - 10 Surprising Facts About Asparagus - Plus More And Listener Questions And Comments - PLUS Yet Another Winner Is Announced To Get 4 Boxes of Quest Bars

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