SHR # 1386 :: The BluePrint Power Hour PLUS Reversing Arthritis And Pain Naturally ::


Guest: Rob Regish - Gary Null

Regish answers listener questions: Rob's Top Sleep Aids And Why - Should BCAA's Be Cycled - Isn't The Science Behind Ecdysterone Bunk - So You Want To get Into The Supplement Business - Is Slow-Sate Cardio Really The Best For Burning Fat - Does Anacyclus Pyrethrum Really Work And How - The BP Tip Of The Day: Body Weight Training Plus Static Holds For Super Human Strength PLUS Arthritis and pain management are hot topics today. Null has been an health advocate since the 60's. Producer of numerous documentaries and a NY Times best selling author, his works have helped millions of people. His new book stems from a clinical trial that shows that both arthritic pain and widespread pain from a variety of myalgias can, not only be managed but, be reversed through diet, supplements and exercise.

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