SHR # 1385 :: Melatonin Supplementation As An Anti-Aging Therapy For Age-Related Bone Loss PLUS Aging Induced Endoplasmic Reticulm Stress Alters Sleep And Sleep Homeostasis ::


Guest: Dr. Faleh Tamimi - Adel Moussa - Dr. Jini Naidoo

I originally did a show in 2007 proposing that Melatonin was the single bast anti-aging pill for pennies a day and re-aired it in 2012. You can find it here. Now this study continues to show the truth in that. Dr. Tamimi discusses how Melatonin supplementation influences bone mineral re-absorption leading to stronger thicker bones in the elderly. PLUS Adel Moussa joins us as a surprise guest to talk about the use of a Light Box with Melatonin to establish a healthy rhythmicity that leads to better sleep. PLUS Dr. Naidoo's group may have discovered how to help the elderly get better sleep as well as reduce many of the diseases associated with improperly folded protein buildup like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Diabetes.

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