SHR # 1384 :: CASUAL FRIDAY ::

Carl and Alisa

Co-host: The Lovely And Talented Alisa Profumo

Mexico Trip Recap - Triclosan In Mouth Wash - Food, Food And More Food - Get With The Papaya - Gentlemen Prefer Bodybuilders - Celebrity Weight Loss: J Lo Turns To Crazy Tracey Anderson To Fix Her Backside - Valerie Bertinelli Wants Publicity For Losing Weight But Not for Gaining It Back - How Weight Gain Changes Your Personality - National Public Radio Lies About Safety Of HPV Vaccine - Bayer, Syngenta Sue The European Union For Not Agreeing To Poison Bees - Bees Need Water Too - Why Milk And Cream Make Tea And Coffee Bad For You - Move Over BMI.. We Have ABSI - Excessive Joggers Die Sooner - Marinate Your Meet In Beer To Reduce Carcinogens - More Evidence Glyphosate If Causing Chronic Illness - Who's Really Behind That Organic Product - Soda Industry To Push Back Against Tax In California - One Bad Night Sleep Causes Same Damage As Blunt Force Trauma To The Brain - Big Pharma Wants Children On Statin Drugs - Plus More And Listener Questions And Comments - PLUS New Winner Of 4 Boxes Of Quest Bars Announced And It Might Be You

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