SHR # 1374 :: The BluePrint Power Hour PLUS You Might Think It's Olive Oil But It's Not PLUS How Muscle Mass May Extend Life ::

The BluePrint Power Hour

Guest: Rob Regish - Richard Lentz - Dr. Preethi Srikanthan

Regish answers listener question: We have a surprise caller who discusses his success with Colostrum. Alex Colaiacovo used high doses of Colostrum and added 6 pounds of lean muscle in a single month. He continues to see results. - What's The Best Fish Oil - Is Craze Available Anywhere - Do I Need More Curcumin If Taking Synthagen - I Think I Found Real Laxogenin - An Alternative to Thermogenic Aids - Where Can I Get Real Turkesterone - Plus More And The BP Tip Of The Day:A Brief History of High Molecular Weight Modified Starches. PLUS You love Extra Virgin Olive Oil right? Well you've probably never had real Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Over 75% of Olive oil is adulterated with cheaper oils. Find out what you need to know from Lentz. PLUS More validation that the Super Human Nation is right when it comes to the health benefits of carrying more muscle later in life. Dr. Srikanthan has performed a couple studies that show that as both men and women age, those who carry more muscle live longer. See, muscle is metabolic currency after all.

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