SHR # 1371 :: Unwanted Emotional And Interpersonal Effects Of Antidepressants PLUS We Pay Homage To Larry Scott ::

Guest: Dr. John Read - Randy Roach - Blake Ricketts

Dr. Read discusses antidepressant prevalence of use and their undesirable effects. His group published a study of over 1800 participants, the largest of its kind. His mission is to get physicians to reconsider antidepressant use as a first-line alternative when treating their patients as well as full disclosure of the unintended potential side effects. PLUS Larry Scott was the first man to win the Mr. Olympia contest. His contributions to physical culture in the way of training and nutrition are legendary. Scott passed away last week due to complications associated with Alzheimer's Disease. we discuss his life and times with Randy Roach and Blake Ricketts.

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