SHR # 1370 :: Practical Programming For Strength Training PLUS Living Leaner With Leaner Living PLUS Exercise Plus Liposuction May Improve Cognition In The Obese ::

Guest: Andy Baker - Dr. Karl Nadolsky - Dr. Alexis Stranahan

Baker co-authored the 3rd edition of Practical Programming For Strength Training with Mark Rippetoe. We discuss what makes this book different than other training books and different from the 2nd volume as well. PLUS Dr. Nadolsky has dedicated his life to helping people stay lean and disease free. We discuss some natural alternatives that he uses. PLUS Dr. Shanahan's group published a study that directly links obesity and higher body-fat levels to cognitive declines that lead to dementia. Obesity has been linked to failing brain function. This study not only shows how but what happens when even a modest reduction in body-fat occurs.

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