SHR # 1367 :: CASUAL FRIDAY ::

Co-host: The Lively And Talented Alisa Profumo

SHR Newsletter Fiasco - Monsanto's Roundup Gets Your Tax Dollars In Ohio - Lunchables For Adults - Kid Pays For 8 Year Old Pays For 300 Children's School Lunches - The Truth About The Childhood Obesity Statistics The CDC Is Not Admitting - Let's Rehash Azocarbonamide - Alisa Finds Another Reason To Defend Walnuts - The FDA Misses The Mark Again With Food Labeling - The Wizard of Oz Is At It Again - Processed Foods, Pharmaceutical Drugs, Prosthetic Knees.. Oh My - This Guy Gives New Meaning To Pizza Man -13 Annoying Gym Pet Peeves - Los Angles Bans E-Cigarettes - Tell Costco Not To Sell Genetically Engineered Salmon - Plus More And Listener Questions And Comments

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