SHR # 1361 :: The BluePrint Power Hour PLUS Paleo F(x) ::

Guest: Rob Regish - Keith Norris - Michelle Norris

Regish answers listener questions: Timing EAA's For Best Results - Took A Week Off And Feel Worst... Am I Over-Trained - Does Adaptogen-N Need To Be Dosed By Weight - Eric Fiorillo Nails Won't The 345 Pound Viking Press - Alternate Places To Buy Glycerin

- Can Rob Do International Phone Consultations - Something That Caught Rob's Eye - PLUS The BP Tip Of The Day: A Wake Up Call Concerning What Really Matters PLUS Keith and Michelle Norris are founders and promoters of the Paleo Fx event in Austin Texas. We talk about how and why they started the event. How much it's grown. What makes it different. At the end we announce how you can win a pair of free tickets to Paleo Fx in April. PLUS Carl announces two more winners of Arnold Sports festival tickets on this show.

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