SHR # 1360 :: How Food Packaging Is Harmful To Human Health PLUS It's That Time Again: Arnold Sports Festival PLUS Discovery Of New Blood Cell Can Fight Multiple Sclerosis ::

Guest: Dr. Jane Muncke - Brent LaLonde - Prof. Shohreh Issazadeh-Navikas

Dr. Muncke's group is asking the scientific community to take a closer look at materials that foods are packaged in as there are over 6000 chemicals coming in contact with our foods and many are well known to cause health problems. PLUS LaLonde gives us a peak at what is the largest sports event in the country - the Arnold Sports Festival.

I announce another winner of a pair of tickets to the event. PLUS Pprof. Navikas' group have discovered a white blood cell that protects against inflammation that leads to diseases like Multiple Sclerosis. How to activate it and why its not activated in those who develop the disease are some of the questions answered.

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