SHR # 1358 :: Biogerontology: From Homeodynamics To Hormesis PLUS Glycogen Depletion As Universal Health Promoting Mechanism ::

Guest: Suresh Rattan - Dr. Andriy Cherkas

Rattan operates a lab that studies Gerontology - the science behind aging. Our bodies are designed to thrive and fight for survival.

So why then do we age and die? Why do we develop disease as part of the aging process? Is it possible to avoid decline as we age? This and other questions are discussed. PLUS The obesogenic model of today's mismatched human diet ensures that most people never have to rely upon glycogen stores as there is an abundance of carbohydrates available every second of the day. Dr. Cherkas has looked at all the available research and hypothesized that the benefits of periodic intermittent glycogen depletion may posses a valuable therapeutic mechanism for both disease states and general health. How to achieve glycogen depletion, how often and for what period of time are all covered. The interview takes a fascinating turn as Dr. Cherkas details how he helped a patient completely reverse non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in only 2 months! This entire show is great!

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