SHR # 1357 :: The BluePrint Power Hour ::

Guest: Rob Regish - Steve Lapidus

Lapidus drops by for a few minutes to announce a new and exciting patch supplement. Regish answers listener questions: Pushing Through Your Heels When Squatting - What Was The Name Of That Non-Stimulating Pre-Workout Supplement - Can My Wife Train The Same Way I Do - What Are Jumpsets - Using A Testosterone Booster With Synthagen - Does Curcumin Cross The BBB - I'm 24 And On HRT Can I Become Natural Again - Is It Safe To Travel Abroad With Your Prescription Meds - How To Use Glycerol To Eliminate Nigh Time Bathroom Breaks - PLUS The BP Tip Of The Day: It's Come-back Time PLUS Carl and Rob discuss the recent class-action movement against testosterone supplementation.

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