SHR # 1353 :: The BluePrint Power Hour PLUS High Dose Vitamin C Injections As Combo Therapy For Treating Ovarian Cancer ::

Guest: Rob Regish - Dr. Jeanne Drisko

Regish answers listener questions: Paul Danforth Calls In - Using EAA's With Maximum Results - Synthagen On An Empty Stomach - Does Rob Work For MASS - Do I Have To Do A Lot Of Cardio When Cutting Body Fat - Are Those Bulk Powder Websites Legit - Does Any One Else Lose Motivation When The Weather Is Cold And Gloomy - BP Tip Of The Day: NAC For Performance PLUS It was in the 1970's when Intravenous Vitamin C was first purported to be a therapeutic aid in cancer treatment. Dr. Drisko's group did a blinded study with women suffering from ovarian cancer and the results were very exciting. We also discuss how Vitamin C singles out cancer cells and kills them! Intravenous Vitamin C has also shown promise in treating other forms of cancer as well as heart disease. All are covered. Very promising discussion.

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