SHR # 1349 :: The Man Behind Predator Nutrition PLUS Consumer Lab Report: Vitamin C PLUS Could Microbes Be The Fountain Of Youth ::

Guest: Reggie Johal - Tod Cooperman - Dr. Susan Erdman

Johal started Predator Nutrition in 2009 to solve a problem. Easy access to products and supplements from the US market for Europe, the UK and Australia. Today they are the fastest growing supplement distributor in Europe. PLUS Cooperman started Consumer Lab because there were no other companies randomly testing products to see if they were meeting their label claims. Today the produce reports on just about every category of product. We talk about their latest report on Vitamin C as well as Vitamin D and Probiotics. PLUS We know that the microbes that inhabit your gut effects your immune system. What has been discovered by Dr. Erdman's group is that they influence aging as well. This is a very exciting discussion.

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