SHR # 1348 :: The BluePrint Power Hour PLUS Who Is To Blame For The Obesity Epidemic PLUS Planet Fitness.. The Discrimination Zone ::

Guest: Rob Regish - Prof. Brenna Ellison

Regish answers listener questions: Rob Robertson: A Listener Reports If The Advice Given Helped - What Ever Happened To Ecdisten - Is Phenylpiracetam Ok To Take Daily - How To Build Massive Thick Traps - Is The Hype About Phosphatidic Acid Legit - What's The Hold-up On Synthagen - Is CurcuClear Worth The Money - Minimalist Training For A Busy Lifestyle - PLUS BP Tip Of The Day: Suffering In Silence With Anxiety PLUS What do people think the cause of the current obesity epidemic is? Prof. Ellison's paper explores the public perception of who is to blame. PLUS Applying critical thinking to Planet Fitness' business model provides evidence that they are the only gym that employs judgement, prejudice and discrimination contrary to their slogan that they are the "Judgement Free Zone".

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0 # Brad Fleming 2014-02-05 16:11

I heard an interesting take recently by Elliot Hulse on youtube. It can be found on his 'Strengthcamp' channel. I think it's worth your roughly 3 min. of time, it could change your mind.

Thanks, Brad

P.S. I still think getting one of the top libertarian minds on your show to discuss issues like big pharma, gmo's, regulations, the fda, etc......would make for a great show. Lew Rockwell, Tom Woods, Bob Murphy, Bill Higgs, Karen name just a few.

You have a lot in common with these people and I think they could add a lot to the dialogue.

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