SHR # 1346 :: CASUAL FRIDAY ::

Co-host: The Lovely And Talented Alisa Profumo

How Win $500 Worth Of Product - Time For The Super Human Nation To Step Up And Change For The Better - A Female Marine Voices Her Opinion - Pushing More Vegetarian Tripe - How To Lose Belly, Hip And Thigh Fat - The Single Nutrition Tip That Can Change Your Life - Is Your Love Of Chocolate Fueling Child Abuse - Why Are Children And Adolescents Receiving Anti-psychotic Drugs - This Ubiquitous Vitamin May Reverse Heart And Gum Disease - In 4 Years Restaurants Still Haven't Fixed This Problem - US Government Confirms Of All Vaccines Flu Vaccine Is Most Dangerous - National Institutes Of Health Would Like To Give You H1N1 And Some Cash - 3rd Hand Smoke May Be More Dangerous Than 2nd Hand Smoke - 14 Best Things You Can Do For Your Health - Lap Band Surgery Fails Without High Protein Diet - Geranium Extract May Fight AIDS - Plus More And Listener Comments And Questions

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