SHR # 1343 :: The Exercise Cure PLUS Human Mortality Improvements In Evolutionary Context PLUS The BluePrint Power Hour ::

Guest: Dr. Jordan Metzl - Dr. Oskar Burger - Rob Regish

Dr. Metzl has broken with the Medical Orthodoxy with his admission that exercise is medicine! And he is trying to get more physicians to understand what we in the Super Human Nation have known all along. His book is designed for average people and I suspect it will be accepted by the Main Stream because it is written by a Physician and not a Personal Trainer. PLUS Burger studies populations at the Max Plank Institute for Demographic Research. His paper looks at hunter-gatherer populations and juxtapose them to current populations to see where and when longevity occurred in humans. A very interesting discussion. PLUS Regish answers listener questions: What's The Best Set/Reps For Hypertrophy - Does Vitamin D Effect Ecdysterone - Lets Get Deeper Into Static Contraction Work - Is tart Cherry Extract Better Than Tart Cherry Juice- Is Blood testing To See If Supplements Are Working Worth The Trouble - Dosing R-ALA - BP Tip Of The Day: Optimal Protein Intake

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+1 # Jomo Haywood 2014-02-02 19:38
Carl's advice during the BluePrint hour has been amazing (Rob is amazing too). Carl is on the money, it's amazing what just an extra scoop of whey post workout can do to recovery. I've tried Mass Pro Synthagen and it's good stuff, but it's expensive. I've taken Carl's advice on zinc and protein intake. I also stopped buying the expensive "test boosters" and replaced them with a cheap zinc supplement and some vitamin B and guess what?... I now get the same amount of acne on the back and chest I used to get buying $70 test boosters and I feel stronger in the gym and sexually 8) I guess sometimes the cheapest stuff is the best stuff.
+1 # Erin Mackin 2014-01-30 06:45
Regarding getting Vit D through skin - supposedly as you get older, there is less ability to do this, and ethnicity plays a part. Other than that, I also, do low-level or level 1 beds at tanning booth 1x a week for 10 minutes for my Vit D. I haven't measured my levels since I do this, but I do know that for the past year, I feel MUCH better that day and the next after I get my sun. Sometimes that's outdoors as I'm in sunny San Diego. Works on weekends but you know how caged we are as desk/office fools.

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