SHR # 1335 :: Unilateral Leg Training For Greater Gains And Strength PLUS Study Shows Exercise reduces Men's Risk Of Dementia And Chronic Disease ::

Guest: Bret Contreras - Prof. Peter Elwood

It can be said that we live life on one leg at a time. So why don't more people do unilateral leg training? What can unilateral leg training do for you if you incorporate it into your current training? And which exercises lend themselves to the best outcomes? This and much more are discussed by Contreras. PLUS Prof. Elwood is lead author of a study that looked at the effects and outcomes of a large cohort over 30 years and discovered that exercise protects against chronic disease. What was also surprising (maybe not to this audience) was that it protected against cognitive decline as well. PLUS Carl is calling all Super Human's to download the new Smartphone App.

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