SHR # 1333 :: Thermography As A Diagnostic Tool ::

Guest: Chip Gilmour

Thermography is a better alternative than mammography for so many reasons. But did you know that thermography can do so much more? It can detect problems with the heart, joints and thyroid for instance. It can see old and new injuries. It can spot tumors or can be used to help you make better progression in your training. It can see toxic inflammation buildup from things like aspartame. Best of all it's passive and doesn't expose you to radiation and is so inexpensive that insurance isn't even an issue for most people. It may also be the business opportunity you've been looking for in 2014!

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0 # Anneboss 2014-01-30 22:57
Clinical Thermography have greate role in medical field. Clinical Thermography have high resolutions which helps to scan human body. It detects pathological condition in human body. Basically thermography is use for testing and medical evaluation. Medical thermography is great research in medical field. I like this useful post :sigh:

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