SHR # 1327 :: CASUAL FRIDAY ::

Co-Host: The Lovely And Talented Alisa Profumo

The First CF of 2014 - A Listener Suggests A New Way To View The Onrush Of New Gym'ies - All The Wasted Dollars On Cancer Research - David Zinczenko Can't Be Serious - Making Your Resolutions Work With Confidence - Improve The Liver-Detox Efforts Of Milk Thistle With This Little Trick - Cheerios: Oops.. We Thought We Got All The GMO Out - Major Pharmacy Chain Pays Pharmacists To Push Vaccines - How Big Pharma Buys Doctors On The Academic Level - Ginger Is Your Friend - More To The Story On 60 Year Old Couple Who Runs For 365 Days Straight - Woman Eats Starbucks For An Entire Year For Nothing But Publicity - Plus More And Listener Questions

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