SHR # 1325 :: Genetically Modified Foods: Greatly Misunderstood Friend Or Ghastly Malevolent Fiend? PLUS Age Force 2014 Product Preview PLUS Opinion Editorial: Quest Bar Label Claims ::

Guest: Jenessa Stemke - Steve Lapidus

Stemke's career path was to be a Genetic Engineer and to that end worked in a Genetic Engineering Lab at UC Riverside. She has occupied both sides of the argument as to if GMO is good or bad. Her opinions are not driven by emotion, but instead by science and experience. PLUS Lapidus gives us a peak at an exciting new patch for 2014. PLUS I have received many messages about the ensuing Label Claims suit against Quest Protein Bars and I weigh in with my position.

edited for accuracy 12/24/13: Stemke never worked directly for Monsanto.

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