SHR # 1323 :: What Can We Learn From HIV Patients That Will Influence Fitness, Health And Longevity PLUS Orderly-Chaos Training ::

Guest: Ken O'Neill

We traverse a variety of interesting topics with O'Neill on the show. We discuss proof that the type of lifestyles promoted among the Super Human Nation actually extends life in terminally ill HIV patients. We tell you how to get the free e-book Built To Survive. O'Neill touches on mindfulness and the importance of being completely focused and mentally invested in your training got reap the most out of it. Then we change it up to discuss his Orderly-Chaos Training method. This show covers a lot of ground and was a lot of fun for me.

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0 # Nathan max 2013-12-26 09:19
Around the 40th minutes you mentioned some kind of ingredian that helped to heal a shoulder tendinitis
I could not find this material on google. So can you elaborate more about this tendinitis healing protocol or drugs

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