SHR # 1322 :: The BluePrint Power Hour PLUS Harnessing the Dead-Stop Method ::

Guest: Rob Regish - Eric Fiorillo

Regish answers listener questions: I Low Dose Phenibut An Effective Nootropic - What's A Good Workout Book For Kids - Am I Crazy To Wake Up At 2:30AM For A Meal - Is It Possible To Hyper-Hydrate - My Doctor Won't Prescribe testosterone And I'm Middle Aged - Another Question On Stacking Tranquilogen And Synthagen - Is Rob's Sling-Shot Cycle The same As In Big Beyond Belief - PLUS The BP Tip Of The Day: Can L Dopa Plus Asthma Meds Give AAS-Like Results PLUS Fiorillo is not stranger to strength training. He discusses the use of the Dead-Stop training method in the squat and bench-press as he approaches a 1,000 pound Dead-Stop squat of his own.

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