SHR # 1320 :: The Effects of Protein Timing On Strength And Hypertrophy PLUS Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle ::

Guest: Brad Schoenfeld - Tom Venuto

Is the anabolic window only one hour after a workout? Does the timing of your protein intake play a role in the amount of protein synthesis? How does it effect strength gains? Can you get the most muscle growth and strength out of manipulating when you have your protein intake around your workouts? This and much more are addressed by Schoenfeld as we discuss his latest study. PLUS Is it possible to burn fat while simultaneously building muscle? Yes it is if you follow Venuto's approach detailed in his new book. Listen and learn.

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+1 # Mike Henry 2013-12-12 13:02
Carl funny, my african american grandmother did the same thing with the greese jar. She's 97 now and still sings to me. It made the food tasty and kept the drain in the kitchen clog free. Great show. Both guest really shed light on several things. I was really impressed with the protein timing. I meet guys who are slamming post-workout protein and their physique never changes. I suspect that the rest of their protein intake is inadequate the rest of the day.

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