SHR # 1311 :: The Paleo Manifesto: Ancient Wisdom For Lifelong Health PLUS American Weightlifting The Movie ::

Guest: John Durant - Greg Everett

There are lots of good books on Paleo Nutrition and Ancestral Health but none does as good of a job as Durant has done piecing all of the tenants of healthy nutrition and lifestyle together as The Paleo Manifesto. This book covers topics that, once you read them, realize they are missing pieces of Ancestral health that are not discussed enough. It also gives you prescriptive direction how to use all of this in your everyday life. PLUS American Weightlifting is relegated to the sports-stepchild position in the American sports landscape. Other countries support their weightlifting athletes, but now here in the USA. Why is that? Everett covers this and much more in his documentary movie.

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