SHR # 1303 :: The Perfect Man: The Muscular Life And Times Of Eugene Sandow PLUS Is This The End Of Paleo ::

Guest: David Waller - Dr. Hamilton Stapell

Waller is author of the biography of  Eugene Sandow's life. Most don't even know who Sandow was. Sandow made the definitive contribution to Physical Culture that would decades later become the health and fitness movement that still permeates our society today. PLUS Dr. Stapell discusses the notion that the Ancestral Health movement and thus the Paleo movement may have run its course. Like so many things, people's attention spans are short lived. What will become of the Ancestral Health movement? Who is the core audience? Why is it not catching on like wildfire? This and many other questions are addressed.

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+1 # Jess 2013-11-09 13:54
I stopped Paleo for the same reason as many other people. Paleo can bring about many health benefits during the early honeymoon period, then 3-12 months later, backfires and ruins ones health. My attention span is much better now that my brain is functioning optimally again thanks to a broad diet.

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